I have long had a keen interest in editing and was able to gain professional experience in the field in the 2011-12 academic year, when I worked as the Editorial Assistant at the Journal of Folklore Research. My specialty is in the humanities, but I am willing to considering working with you on a paper well outside my field if you are interested in hiring me to help with your work. Papers I have edited have appeared in numerous edited volumes as well as in JFR [coming soon: links to samples of my editing work].

Contact me at andersem at indiana dot edu for quotes in the following areas of work:


Line- and copy-editing of all kinds of writing up to specialized academic articles


Copy-editing of articles and other writing to check for spelling (based on most recent spelling reform), as well as sentence structure and overall flow


do not edit translations, particularly those that have been done from languages I know. Editing a translation from Uyghur to English might take me anywhere from three to four times the amount of time it would have taken me simply to translate on my own.

Additionally–and I hate that I have to specify this–please do not ask me to edit work done by the Messrs. Google and Baidu. I categorically refuse to edit any piece of writing that has obviously been put through an online translator.