During my Ürümchi days, I had a side gig as an entertainment personality on Uyghur-language stages and screens. From Fall 2014 to Summer 2015, I was a participant on the first season of Xinjiang Television’s The Voice of the Silk Road (Uy. يىپەك يولى ساداسى, Ch. 丝绸之路好声音); my appearance on the show catapulted me into a regional fame. I appeared on numerous other television and radio shows, recorded with some of the biggest names in Uyghur music, toured, and even had a short-lived stint as a singer at an upscale Ürümchi restaurant.

In addition to being a vocalist, I also play the dutar (a two-stringed lute found through Central Eurasia), along with a smattering of Western wind instruments. To learn more about my performance and entertainment activities, please check out the other pages in this tab.