Uyghur Tutoring

If you want to learn Uyghur but are frustrated by the lack of courses in your area, please consider hiring me as a tutor. I am available both in-person (Bloomington, IN-area) and online (Skype). Please write me at andersem at indiana dot edu so that we can begin arranging your course of study.

As a native English speaker who learned Uyghur from zero as an adult in an era without textbooks, lived in a Uyghur-speaking environment for more than three years, and now knows the language fluently, I am well-equipped to help other English speakers navigate the sometimes-tricky grammar and always-complex verbs of a Turkic language.

I guide beginners through the lessons in an excellent open-source textbook, and intermediate learners through tailored lessons that we design collaboratively. I am also willing to consider offering advanced lessons (for example, I can help you to read through a novel) or to direct advanced learners toward native-speaker teachers and/or language exchange partners.

I will teach you Uyghur grammar from the ground up, which requires that you start from very simple verb forms that aren’t always used widely in everyday life. At the same time that you learn these simple verbs I will also require you to memorize and internalize complex forms that you do not yet understand, in the form of colloquial and everyday phrases, such that your later transition to “real-life Uyghur” is easier and more instinctive.

I supplement all lessons with my own extensive knowledge of the differences between spoken and written Uyghur, as well as with slang, idiomatic expressions, proverbs, and regional accents. I can tell you not only what words and phrases mean but also, more importantly, how they’re used in everyday life, and I do so by helping you learn to translate both literally and idiomatically from Uyghur to English, such that you understand where the languages converge with and depart from one another. Additionally, I can teach you to read and write Uyghur in Cyrillic and various Latin scripts, as well as in the modified Arabic alphabet used in Xinjiang today.

I am also open to doing short-term courses, periodic grammar consultations, and/or guiding you through a course in “survival Uyghur” should you be interested in learning just enough of the language to travel independently in a Uyghur-speaking area.

If you are interested in gathering resources for the self-study of Uyghur, please see the excellent, extensive list at my friend Gene Bunin’s personal website.