Translation & Interpretation

I have worked as a translator since 2011, when I spent a summer translating dastan (epic poetry) from Uyghur to English at the Xinjiang Folklore Research Center at Xinjiang University in Ürümchi, China. I have since collaborated with a number of individuals, institutions, and presses on numerous projects. A number of my translations, which include short stories, academic articles (humanities and social sciences), poetry, movie subtitles, and folksong lyrics, are in various stages of publication.

Please contact me at andersem at indiana dot edu for a quote on work in any of the following areas:


Academic articles (excluding the hard sciences)
Newspaper articles
Song lyrics (folk, pop, etc.)
Literature (poetry, short stories, novels, etc.)

Academic articles (particularly on music and folklore; excluding hard sciences)
Newspaper articles
Song lyrics

Emails and letters (as Uyghur is not my language of primary education, I cannot guarantee 100% accurate translation for more complex documents)


Consecutive interpretation for tourism, academic meetings, etc.

Consecutive interpretation for tourism, academic meetings, etc.


Please be in touch even if I don’t offer the particular services you need between languages or in your field of specialization. I am willing to connect you (for free) with other translators working in the hard sciences or in language pairs/directions in which I cannot work.