Media Appearances

In addition to my appearances on several episodes of the Voice of the Silk Road, I have appeared on several Xinjiang Television (XJTV) talk shows, including Köngül’diki Söz (Words from the heart; January 2015) and Güzellik Sen’de (You are beautiful). I have also made appearances on a live broadcast of the Ürümchi City Radio Station’s Qatnash Sen’et Radi’osi (Traffic Arts Radio) in May 2015 and a pre-recorded broadcast on China National Radio’s Uyghur service in June 2015.

Additionally, I was the subject of a short documentary, “An American Xinjiang Idol,” an episode of My Chinese Life (我在中国), a series exploring the lives of foreigners in the People’s Republic of China. Filming for the documentary, which was produced by China Radio International’s English-language service, took place over several days in late 2015 and was released in February 2016:

Readers in China can access the video on Youku

I also made brief, non-speaking cameo appearances as the lead foreign tourist of a group of foreign tourists to Kashgar in director Tahir Hamut’s Qeshqer’diki Hékaye (Kashgar Stories), which filmed in late 2015 and made its television debut on XJTV in early 2017.

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